Woodlands College Park HS

College Park High School - 42 acre Main Campus and 28 acre Field Campus serving over 2,600 students

  • Watershed master planning
    • Coordination of topographic surveying to accurately determine existing natural water sheds
    • Reconcile original “planned” watershed outfall with “as-built” and actually natural outfalls
    • Develop master plan for development of the remaining, undrained watershed
    • Determine waste water conveyance plan for remaining undeveloped
  • Preparation of Construction Documents to serve College Parking Section 8 (New High School Site_ and remaining undeveloped commercial property.
    • Administer Public Bidding process through recommendation of Award and Notice to Proceed
    • Construction Administration and inspection of Public Utility Construction
    • Resident Project Representative during construction
    • Preparation and coordination of necessary easements
    • Traffic Control Planning and Design
    • Preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

The Village at The Woodlands

The Village at The Woodlands Waterway – Eight story, 210 unit Senior Living Facility with frontage to The Woodlands Waterway

  • Topographic and Tree Survey & Existing Site Map Preparation
    • Produce a site map showing existing topography, specimen trees, adjacent pavement and road sections, as well as, existing utilities as researched from record drawings, located by on the ground surveys and as communicated by utility.
    • Using development criteria provided by the Architect, overly the proposed site plan in the existing site land title survey and transmit the overly to the Architect for review and use in submittals.
  • Substantial Civil Design and Plan Preparation Services
    • Plan Preparation
      • Site Clearing and Erosion Control
      • Site Utility Plan
      • Site Grading and Drainage Plan
      • Establish Finished Floor Elevation for
        • Loading Dock
        • Waterway Level
        • 1st level garage
        • Street level
  • Construction Phase Services

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek:  37 acre site purchased by Montgomery County Habitat for Humanity providing homes for as many as 100 families

Civil Engineering services for the design and the development of the subject Residential Subdivision. The subject property consists of 37.245 acres in Montgomery County, Texas. The property is bounded by Stewarts Creek on the west, Foster Drive on the south, and south 7th on the east.  The south west corner is occupied by Runyan Elementary School (Conroe CISD) 10 acre tract.  We were successful in our efforts to have Montgomery County convey title of a 60’ wide strip of property bounding the school site.  This allowed more effective use of Habitat property for development.

  • Prepare a revised Land Study Plan (LSP) as required by City of Conroe.
  • Assist owner with coordination of Dry Utilities.
  • Submit Preliminary Plat (Section 1) and LSP to City of Conroe
  • Prepare Construction Plans for Section 1
  • Prepare Construction Plans for Section 2
  • Coordinate preparation and process final plat of Section 1
  • Coordinate preparation and submittal of Final plat of Section 2
  • Bidding Process and Contract Documents
  • Construction Phase Services

Main Street America

MainStreet America:  12.4 acre property showcasing a variety model homes by Design Tech Builders

Main Street America is a 12.4079 acre property featuring a large showcase of homes for Design Tech Builders. In addition to the basic scope of services provided, Vogt Engineering provided research and documentation to assist in the request for a variance.  The proposed development of this site was not in accordance with The City of Houston Ordinance Chapter 42-128 which requires a street every 1,400 feet.  The ordinance required an extension of a street to serve the surrounding area - a street that would run through the development.  Vogt Engineering conducted extensive research of the surrounding area, which included a neighboring community which did not approve of the extension,   86 acres of Forest Preserve, and extensive flood plain.  Based on the surrounding conditions, it was clear that the population density that would require for the conceptual road could not be met.  Vogt Engineering presented their findings to The City of Houston and the city granted a variance and allowed Main Street America full use of their property.

  • Civil Engineering Services in connection with the Main Street America development:
    • Platting and Variance processing Site Design and Plan Preparation Services
    • Detention Design and Compensating Flood Storage Calculations
    • Plan Review and Approval Process
    • Private lift Station Design
    • Coordination Services with M.U.D. and Easement Acquisition Support
    • As - Built Detention Pond Certification